In the last issue, I spoke about what Zoe Perkins is supposed to stand for. Now, let's peel back the veneer of the real Zoe Perkins.

While campaigning for David Brown and Kit Trolier as well as being Chairman of Good Government for West Vincent, ZOE PERKINS was giving money to CLARE QUINN. Over ONE MONTH BEFORE THE ELECTION, Zoe was financially Clare Quinn, the very opponent to her team. Zoe Perkins is the LARGEST INDIVIDUAL DONOR to the Clare Quinn Campaign. THE LARGEST DONOR. Maybe she wrote the wrong name and address on the check?

This report can be viewed by ANY of my readers by simply going to Voter Services in West Chester and asking to see the Clare Quinn campaign file. I beg my readership to do so.  How much did Zoe donate? $500. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS! WOW!

In a letter dated October 11, 2011 (less than 3 weeks ago) sent out by “THE COMMITTEE TO RE-ELECT CLARE QUINN has one of the most influential individual's signature leading the way at the bottom of the page. Who would that be, you ask? ZOE PERKINS, the Chairman for “Good Government for West Vincent”.

And here is picture of her house with signs of the two challenging candidates to “Good Government for West Vincent”. Zoe Perkins is clearly endorsing all FOUR the candidates for two positions on the ballot AND running the campaign of two.

What does Zoe Perkins really, truly believe? Who knows? Will you be fooled into voting for ANYONE she supports? There is more to this story. Soon you will understand the strategy.

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