Zoe Perkins, West Vincent Supervisor. She is the one that people have grown to trust. There is no question that Zoe Perkins is one of the most influential people in the township. People believe Zoe Perkins.

Let's look at what Zoe believes by her tireless work in this latest campaign.

Zoe Perkins is the Chairman of Good Government for West Vincent Township. In the first GGfWVT letters, her name was proudly emblazoned across the letterhead, along with Henry Greiner as Treasurer (Katharine “Kit” Trolier's father).

Zoe has been a main strategist in the Good Government for West Vincent Township in the push to get both David Brown and Kit Trolier in office as Supervisors.

Here is Zoe's name, still at the helm of the organization as clearly reflected in the website under “What is Good Government for West Vincent”

I have now established where Zoe Perkins, one of the three West Vincent Supervisors stands? There is NO DOUBT that she emphatically supports David Brown and Katharine Trolier.

More to come......

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