This Memorandum was forwarded to me yesterday. It is Ordinance changes proposed and that will indeed be adopted at a Township Meeting before the end of the year. Are any of these changes important, you might ask? It all depends on what you read into them. I will tell you that the last item listed may be of concern to any property owner that has non-conforming issues with a property. I HIGHLY recommend the documentation of any non-conforming use or building that does not comply with the ordinances. Pictures, records, whatever you have. If you get on the wrong side of these people, they well be making you take down or stop what you are doing on your property.

The current zoning officer has never kept a record of non-conforming properties, although according to the current and many previous Zoning Ordinances, the Zoning Officer is REQUIRED to do so. Now it will be your responsibility to prove your property rights! I recommend you start protecting them now.