Clare Quinn's web site suggests she is endorsed by Sierra Club since she quotes their national web site.

However there is no mention of her name on the site she references although a search finds lots of Quinn's, 62, in fact. But not ONE of them is Clare Quinn.  If true she would have a link to a letter or an endorsement page.

She might (I emphasize the word "MIGHT" because I could find no evidence to show that there is any endorsement at the local level) be endorsed at local level but to claim national approval is misleading to say the least.  Truth is what the voters want and all of the evidence shows this claim to be UNTRUE.

Once again, Clare just can't seem to tell the truth. Even her election signs that say RE-ELECT Clare Quinn aren't truthful. She wasn't elected, she was appointed. How can she be trusted if she can't be honest about the simple stuff?

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