October 25


Following my response about trash haulage I received the following email:

"Your explanation of Kit Trolier’s and David Brown’s open support for township-controlled trash hauling is too vague.

If Trolier and Brown are elected, they have publicly stated that they will seek to implement central (one hauler only) trash pickup.

What does this really mean? It means that ALL RESIDENTS will PAY a FEE to the West Vincent Township to have their trash hauled.

The RESIDENTS will no longer have the right or ability to choose who they do business with. They will have no control over the price they PAY. They will have no ability to cancel the contract for the winter or summer, or any time frame if they are gone.

The only thing that the RESIDENTS will have is the right to PAY the set FEE. Yes, that’s right, there would be a FEE that the Township sets.

Given the appalling record the Township has with the current contracts they have let, do we really want them to “Rig” another one-bidder contract?

PS…How much will this FEE be? Rest assured it will be more than you are paying now; after all, there has to be enough money in the bid for a “kickback"."

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