October 24


This notice was on the Birchrunville Post Office bulletin board last Saturday.  After complaints it was removed by the postmaster.  This is the sort of misinformation that honest people are currently exposed to in West Vincent.

David Monteith worked on this project for ONE DAY last May.  Since then the contractor has been Jeff Lewis who is to be the new township auditor.  Here is a short letter I received.
"Besides the contractor, The current 3 supervisors do not enforce regulations for their friends and are to blame. That's where the problem is. Jeff is one of Zoe & Clare's favorites. He bought his land from Zoe."

I received the following letter around a couple weeks ago, it seems appropriate to quote it now.
"Dear Chickenman,
Dave Monteith may have originally been involved in this project but has not participated in it for months.  I suggest you ask Dave when his involvement ceased.  I do not know the Arthur's but they have been rearranging their landscape 7 days a week all spring and summer long.  From 7 AM until dusk the earth movers have been at work.  It has appeared to many neighbors passing the property in question that the storm fencing was inadequate.  I am glad that someone captured the mud tide on film for all to see.  This was not the first nor will it be the last such sight of the mud flowing down our roads and into the Birch Run.  I suggest you contact the neighbors who are most affected by this flooding.
I saw Dave today at the post office and he says that he is hearing from an agency that oversee this type of problem.  It seems he is being blamed for the mud and your mention of his work in your article has focused the light on him.
Our township seems to be negligent when it comes to enforcing this type of violation.  We are known for our steep slopes and bountiful water supply.  I would think that particular caution would be taken under the circumstances.
I have an issue with Birchrun Village piping a stream, destroying wetlands and taking out all of the trees along the stream that would normally filter some of the extreme runoff from storms but now dumps all the water into the spillway of the property below the old township building.
Perhaps we need to send our zoning officer/building inspector to courses that cover all of these issues so that they can be more aware of the problems that can result from not overseeing and anticipating the problems that have occurred.

Chickenman-  Please, feel free to use my letters to you.  I would also prefer to remain anonymous.."

A question - I'll answer this shortly
I want to vote for Malasics and Holderness, but I see they are not on the ballot. How do I go about voting for them?
A Resident

Another question
"Right on! Can we put their signs in our yards or do they believe in hand made signs, as Barry did."

I know that they have what signs that were not stolen that they will be putting out. Send Maria an e-mail and tell her your address. I am sure she can get one out to you. From her website: vote4mariaH@gmail.com

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