October 23


I had someone write to me, so and so is not on your list, he's a Democrat.


With my writings it seems I have not been clear on that point.

I personally do not believe that National Politics should play any active part in local politics.  I am not writing from a Republican point of view, as my correspondent suggested.  I am writing from the point of view of someone that hates corruption.  I don't care if these people are are Republican or Democrat.  I hate corruption.  That's it.  That's all.  End of story.  If these people happen to be standing on a party ticket, sobeit.

In local politics I believe you should vote for the person, not the party.  You need the person who will best and honestly represent your interests.  Free health care, for example, whether on not you support it, has no relevance whatsoever in local politics.  Whether or not there is corruption, intimidation, self interest, those are the subjects that matter.  What will happen to your taxes, will the township be well run, and honestly and fairly.  These are the subjects that matter.

I write to point out shortcomings that I see in West Vincent.  And goodness me there are currently many shortcomings in West Vincent.  From a chairman of the supervisors who has owed local taxes going back almost 10 years, to a supervisor claiming to be an environmentalist but who permits the building of houses where it is not allowed.  Just look back at my writings over the last 15 months and there are numerous examples.

I write anonymously.  Why?  In a truly honest local society my investigations whilst not welcomed would be investigated and corrections put in place.  I would certainly not need to be so afraid of intimidation that I needed to be anonymous, to be concerned about the sort of stuff that happened to Barry DiLibero, just because he did not like some aspects of the way the township was going.

Who do I believe is honest? 
Richard Malasics and Maria Holderness that's who.

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