October 23


I've not finished my researches for my next email so we are back to more readers letters!  I'll start with this one


Why is it, do you suppose, that the officials and candidates you write about so negatively do not respond to you directly and refute/explain your charges, hopefully to be printed in your emails? Do they think you would not print them?  I do not know you, but judging from what I have read so far I’ll bet you would print those responses.  Why don’t you issue that challenge to them?

A resident

OK.  Why don't they?  So here we go.  Officials and candidates, defend yourselves.  Pick ANY of the malpractices that I have accused you of.  And hey, you have plenty of choice! Masses! Go ahead. I'll print your responses.

Here is another letter

I read with disgust the one reply from a reader that "Miller thinks he owns the township". Actually Miller does not own much of anything. His creditors do. What he does own is a lot of people who owe him political pay backs that are due for favors and "gifts" paid for by the taxpayers that he dispenses from his position of power to give contracts, discourage bidding, and his own high priced mowing of township spray fields. Why are these payments not garnished for overdue taxes? Thanks to you for getting the money back to Weatherstone for damage he caused. More outrageous is the gift of full health care for his entire family including his son who attends college out of state. No one I know ever got full time benefits for a 20 hour a week job! Thanks Clare and Zoe. Where do the current candidates weigh in on this? Awful quiet about this issue! 

And another
I believe that at one of the township meetings I attended that there
was discussion of the "regional planning group" that WVT was part of
that would obviate the need for "low income housing" since, I believe,
Schukyll township which was part of the regional planning group had a
bunch and space for a bunch more.

If that is the case why is there a need for more of it in WVT?

I wonder if there is a money connection somewhere?
And yet another

Hi Chickenman, Love your emails. Just saw in the township newsletter that they may go to having one refuse co. for the township. We are against this idea. We lived in a township that did this and it was more expensive and very restrictive. We are happy with the way things are. How do we express our feelings about this? Thanks, a fan. Please don't print my name

And my reply

Thank you for e-mailing me on this subject. You can write an e-mail to the township but I think you will find it will fall on deaf ears.  The  CURRENT BOARD is 100% behind this. Currently, the candidates are saying they will "investigate" this issue. Brown and Trolier already have a survey out. Trust me, it WILL happen with the current group running for office as they are all the same people, only the names are different to baffle the innocent.

The township meeting videos have Kit Trollier expressing her POSITIVE feelings about the implementing of the same policy when she worked in Upper Uwchlan several years ago. Would you like me to find the one and tell you the date? She wants to  to work on a team to "investigate" it. She has already expressed her feelings so I can assure you, the "investigation" is not neutral, it will be all about the validation of this implementation. I guarantee you that Dave Brown, Kit Trollier AND Clare Quinn are all FOR this to happen. It doesn't have to become an issue until the next census, as we are under 5000 people. I cannot tell you how John Eldridge stands on the issue, because he has no stance on anything. He has said nothing....about anything since running for the office in the last 5 months.

What do you get with a one hauler policy? A monopoly. With a monopoly, you will get less service for more money. Remember when Comcast was the only cable option? Customer service was horrible! Our phone service is exponentially cheaper in the 25 years since the break-up of Bell Telephone. There is no incentive to do a better job once the contract is signed. You, the payer of the bill, cannot fire the hauler. This is part of the "big government" that we all have come to detest.

Also, the candidates have spoken about "it will probably be the same price, maybe even a little cheaper". Only in government, when the volume goes up, the price normally goes up. If a hauler has the entire community, it should be cheaper. The bottom line? I believe it would be another place for your local government to grow, perhaps add another employee along the way. How many employees are there right now to run a township (4567 pop.) with very limited commercial and  almost no industrial*? ? My count says 21. I may be off +/-1

Township Secretary
Police Secretary
Township Manager
Zoning Officer
Building Inspector
Treasurer (recently made full time position)
Code Administration Assistant
4 Full time Road Crew
One part time for grounds maintenance

According to the Police Chief
5 Full time Officers
4 part time Officers
with 5 cars and a 6th one ordered recently, a year ahead of schedule

*In the Industrial Zoning there is WK Frame, Pickering Valley Contracting, Ludwigs Equipment and perhaps could include the Lines Complex where the Self Storage is located.
Located in RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT, there is DL Fleck (now D& L Construction) which is, by Court Order, not allowed to be there but the township has not enforced the Order.  Joseph W Davis Paving and Greiner, Inc (a trucking company which Kit Trolier is CFO and is owned by her Father) which are also both located in RESIDENTIAL areas.

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