October 22


I received an email from Larry Westfall thanking me for mentioning his name.  He said "I do have to admit that you do make me chuckle with your diatribes!"  Thanks Larry.  I do try to keep a light touch on the rather unpleasant subjects I have to deal with.  Larry obviously did not understand the word 'diatribes' because he then 'explained' it to me to 'save me from looking it up'.  Unfortunately he understood it so little he then gave me an entirely incorrect definition!  He defined it as "his apparent inability to keep his pen from drifting from the main objective of his words into diatribe must have taken away from the sound and otherwise convincing arguments that he advanced"   Well of course everyone know that a diatribe is 'a bitter, sharply abusive denunciation, attack, or criticism". Don't they?   Well his usage of the word was close to being correct.  His definition was not correct, although he seems to support that I have sound and convincing arguments.

I don't know if Larry or his friends realize, it was Larry's earlier email asking "Why not publish about TDR's to others but Pam Brown?" that caused me look further into Pam Brown's TDR's and I discovered the "Transfer of Development Rights and Restrictive Covenant Agreement"  that Pam signed when she sold her development rights. (See 28 Feb 2010).  This agreement restricted the property from any more development and went further to explain that development was the building of a residential structure. Pam Brown violated the restriction and built a SECOND house on the property that was also 2.5 times larger than allowed by zoning IF she was allowed to build an accessory structure, which she wasn't. She gave up that right when she received over $102,000 from the taxpayers to PRESERVE that land. I presented that document and it is on my website and at the Chester County Courthouse. Anyone can access it. The Township defended their actions but only with words, no proof, at a meeting. OVER $102,000 OF TAXPAYER MONEY, gone. Without your question Larry I would not have looked further into Pam's TDR's and probably would never have found that document.  Thanks again for that Larry!

Here's another email I received (not from Larry!)
"Is there any way you could run for supervisor??  This township is more corrupt than Wash. D.C.   oh, my!!!!   WE NEED YOU!!!
Keep up the good work, too!"

And another
"Wow, you nail it every time. Tremendous."

Another email, with a question
"Thanks for your excellent work in keeping the citizens of West Vincent informed.  Yesterday I received a copy of the West Vincent Newsletter.  As a resident of Weatherstone, I was surprised to read of the new development proposed for Ludwigs Corner.  Unfortunately the hearing to discuss this development took place on October 12, I got the newsletter on October 18th.  Talking with my neighbors, I was not alone.  We also missed the paper shredding event.

Also, I went to the "new and improved website"  I was surprised to see that one of the two items listed in the NEWS section was the story on Barry DiLibro from October of 2009.  There is nothing else to report upon in our township?  I do not know Barry, but I find it appalling that his name is dragged through the mud at every opportunity.  If Barry is news, than how about Ken Miller articles?"

My reply
Thank you for your letter.  I hope to use the content and my reply in a future newsletter, without, of course, mentioning your name.  I presume that's OK?

I actually announced that meeting since it was not posted on the website but I must admit, I only discovered the meeting a few hours before the meeting started. It did get some out to it.

Let me tell you what you are in for. A commercial development located on the property just to the north of the Ludwigs Hardware Store is planned on approximately 14 acres. "The Promenade" was originally slated to be a Lexus car dealership (which would have had no impact on the school system and very little on our surrounding environment in terms of water, sewage OR traffic) but the Township Supervisors turned it down. They specifically wrote the zoning so a dealership cannot be in that location. Currently, there is more large parcel shopping center space available in West Vincent township (pop. 4567) that there is in Upper Uwchlan, with a population heading towards 15,000. What does this mean? If the center goes in, the Weatherstone one will not be built for 10-15 years due to the slow/negative growth in the area.

It gets better. Clare Quinn, the chief agitator against the Hankin Development and good friend of Stephen Siana, the attorney for West Vincent Township (who owes Hankin 2.1 million dollars, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjTC2IrTUDI) wants to see lower income housing. (By the way, she strategically has left that off of her re-election website) Where would it go? Glad you asked. The original plan for this commercial site was single story commercial store units. But since Clare is pushing for lower income housing (wasn't Oxford Rise bad enough?), the plan has been modified to include 140 apartments with buildings 42 feet tall. That should be good for another 3 people per apartment average, or 420 TRANSIENT residents. That should help your property values drop, don't you think? Count on it with Clare. While the township does not have video of the meeting, I would bet that really bad guy Barry DiLibero does. He videotapes every meeting and keeps an archive so that residents like you are able to see what really happens. I would guess he was at that meeting. Why don't you contact him? I am sure he would give you a copy. You could share it with your neighbors.

And the shredding event. That's probably where the township put Barry DiLibero's Occupancy Permit they can't seem to find.

Richard Malasics and Maria Holderness are running a write-in campaign for the two seats. They were smeared with a letter filled with lies about them just two days before the election and they lost by a handful of votes. If your development could become unified, it is a powerhouse that could get these two in. Then perhaps the township would be run properly. Unfortunately, apathy runs deep in Weatherstone. They need people like you to get the message out, to make people understand. Contact Rich and Maria, ask what you can do to help. And share that video link I gave you with your neighbors. There are several more on YouTube listed under the name Truthforwestvincent. Check them out.

Here's another email I received with a question

"I know that you spoke about our Road Crew being Union and I came across this article. It is interesting to see the difference in Municipal Pay (higher) and Private Sector pay (lower). Do you know if West Vincent is hiring? http://www.cato.org/pubs/tbb/tbb-59.pdf "

Here is the reply I sent
Interesting article, scary in these economic times. Harrisburg filed for bankruptcy. Entire states are barely hanging on. Pensions are unsustainable. Yet only Malasics and Holderness have said from the beginning that they want to do a complete review, with a citizen board to review all Departments for redundancy and streamlining.

I don't know if West Vincent is hiring, have you checked the Obituaries? Kit Trolier and the Board of Supervisors, Clare Quinn, Ken Miller and Zoe Perkins endorsed it as a way to advertise for "HELP WANTED" at a township meeting.

Consider writing in Maria Holderness  (2 year Term) and Richard Malasics (6 year term). They are the only reality based people running for Supervisor.

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