October 21


As I stated recently while speaking about candidates and politicians, “It is takes diligence to get good in and bad out. How do the current batch measure up?” I was, of course, speaking of the current crop of candidates on the ballot for West Vincent Supervisor. As I said, we should compare what they say with the truth and actions of the presenter. Only then will you know who you are voting for. Read carefully, do your own research to confirm what I say. I will supply documentation and where it came from. Any reference I make to a website will be from that given day. If the candidate moves or removes what I am referencing after that point in time, question why.

I will start with the Brown and Trollier website, www.goodgovernmentforwestvincent.com. There you go guys, even giving you a promo. 
(Sorry - that website was later closed down after David Brown was caught contradicting his campaign statements on issues AFTER he was Supervisor.)

Home Page, bottom left link, “Who Is Chickenman? Do We Know” http://goodgovernmentforwestvincent.com/correspondence/13-pre-primary/3-may-14-2011-chickenman.html
(Sorry - that website was later closed down after David Brown was caught contradicting his campaign statements on issues AFTER he was Supervisor.)

On this page they say Listen to this Wikipedia definition: "the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others." The definition describes cyberbullying, and as recent West Vincent history shows, you don't have to be a child to experience it. That's Chickenman.

Any subscriber that reads my newsletters knows that I am out to hurt no one. Was the Daily Local News out to hurt people when they reported everyday for 2 years about the mis-handling of the Coatesville City government? Were they out to malign Coatesville Councilwoman Patsy Ray when she was involved in a hit-and-run and lied about it? Were they picking on the Coatesville Police Chief because he was unqualified for the job? Certainly not. The Daily Local News was reporting on the government and officials and their questionable actions. The newspaper is informing the public. It seems that Brown and Trolier would have you believe that the Daily Local is a bully. They are not, nor am I. I wish no harm to anyone, least not the citizens and taxpayers of West Vincent. Anything I has disclosed has been only involving issues and people connected to local government and their actions as connected to the government. This is important to the residents to know what is happening since the government's job is to the health, safety and welfare of it's citizens, and to spend taxmoney wisely.

For reference, a bully is a person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people. I would say the Township is the powerful force, this is more David (me) versus Goliath(the township and it's cronies). A cyberbully refers to children or adolescents, neither of which we are dealing with, and even if it did include adults, does not apply to my work.


As usual, the attorney (David Brown) gave you the definition that fits best for his argument, but not necessarily accurate. Bravo, counselor! Whole truth, please. That is what the voters want.

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