October 20


First, I was today truly amazed to discover that one of my main correspondents and supporters had not seen the section of my website "
Hey Chickenman - My responses to Clare Quinn's responses to my emails".  He sent me some suggested responses to her ridiculous claims but my responses are ALREADY TO BE FOUND on my website.   Please, take the time to take a look!  Not only my valued correspondent to look, but everyone else too!

I received the following email, forwarded to me from another subscriber.  If they had time to send it to me, and I had time to send it out to you, it should already have been on the township website. (Whilst checking that it was not already there I noticed a News Flash!  The vote results from May 17th!  OK include the results, please, but not as 'News Flash' from almost 6 months ago.)

Now, commercials over, time to return to the reason for this newsletter.

Subject: Emergency Alert System TEST on November 9, 2011 (The fact sheet is ATTACHED!)

The fact sheet is ATTACHED!

Dear Community Based Organization,

 On November 9th 2011, the first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System, or EAS, will take place at 2:00pm Eastern Standard Time.  The FCC and FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) have been working hard to ensure both the success of the test AND that the public is informed and fully aware in advance. However, no matter how much outreach is conducted, or how plain the language is that accompanies the test alert, it's likely that some of the public may be confused and feel compelled to contact police, fire, or other emergency services through calls to their local 911 centers. 

The test will be transmitted over television and radio broadcasts, satellite television and satellite radio, cable television and wireline video services.  During the test, the public will hear a message indicating “this is a test.”

I am sending you this information so that you can distribute this to everyone that you can before the test occurs.  I have attached a fact sheet for you to distribute.  In addition, there is more information posted on the following web site:  http://www.fcc.gov/guides/emergency-alert-system-nationwide-test-eas .

Chester County Department of Emergency Services
601 Westtown Road, Suite 012
West Chester, PA 19380

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