October 19


Today I am posting an article that appeared in today's Daily Local News. A puff piece, really, giving the four candidates on the ballot an opportunity to say what they stand for. Do not expect any hard hitting questions or investigations from the DLN or any other publication to see what the candidates are really all about.


What is a politician?

A politician is typically someone you do not know. They may have stopped by your house at one time or another to ask for your vote. They feel out what it is that you want to hear and polish their conversation to mesh with your thoughts. The politician leaves your doorstep and if done properly, has left you with a feeling that this is a person that thinks as you do, he deserves my vote. For example, as Kit Trollier and David Brown campaigned in the Spring, they started out telling people that Ken Miller was a great guy, later finding out that that allying with Ken Miller turned the more knowledgeable in the township off. The strategy switched to waiting to see what the voter said if Ken Miller's name came up, which it frequently did. Why?  Well I guess some of my readers have understood the truth about Ken Miller. So then Kit and Dave would either say he was great, or needed to be controlled, or he had good and bad qualities. It all depended on how the voter reacted.

All we really want is an honest candidate. An honest candidate will tell you how he feels, why he feels that way and if he/she doesn't know the answer to a question, tells you so. Whether your opinion differs from that of the honest candidate makes no difference to him/her. It is the belief by which they stand and you can make your choice at the voting booth. We, as voters, want someone that shares our views, not lipservice.

My point is this. When someone comes to your door to ask for your vote, is he or she really there for you or for themselves? How many times have politicians won an election, only to change who they said they were or caring about you, the voter, after taking your vote? Conversely, if a candidate does not come to your door, does it mean he/she doesn't care? Of course not. The sun does not rise and set on door to door campaigning. How many Judges, Representatives, Commissioners, Senators and Presidents have ever knocked on your door? How about Tax Collectors or Auditors? Yet, we have voted for them, without ever seeing them face to face.

There is only one way to know if the person that is running is legitimate. Listen to what the candidate says, whether it is by the candidate knocking on your door, flyers left on your door knob, mailers, debate or other forms of contact; then look at his/her actions and truthfulness of their statements. If the statements are questionable or false and actions do not match up, then what you have is someone you don't want to vote for. It takes work and time to do this. Perhaps this is why some come to power that shouldn't? Unfortunately, once bad people get into power, they have the power of incumbency, and a public stage of recognition to endorse others like themselves. It is takes diligence to get good in and bad out. How do the current batch measure up?

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