October 17


I have received several e-mails. These are e-mails from subscribers received in the last 2 days.  I haven't used names, I think everyone understands why after my writings of Friday, October 14!

I am very disturbed at the writer who is moving out of the township because of Ken Miller...Another person told me they also moved because they couldn't deal with the obvious corruption and favoritism in their neighborhood...Yes Ken thinks he owns the township.  And he wants everyone to move out that doesn't agree with him...Don't let him win!!!    And Linda Fuchs why would someone after seeing what is happening identify themselves?  Don't you think that they might be worried that they would be subjected to the same type of treatment that Barry D got??? I have read the Chickenman emails.  I think considering the offenses that he reports on, his comments read more like just what they are, facts just the facts. I am personally very upset that my tax dollars are abused.  Linda, you should be too.  I find YOUR name calling  "disturbing, mean spirited, immature and extremely divisive" outrageous.  Notice I did not insult you personally.  Just your behavior.
Cluck on Chickenman!!!

I would like you to continue sending these messages. I have a new E-Mail address  ******@yahoo.com
Thank you for all your work on behalf of our community.

Hey CM-

No doubt you’ve seen this (below)… so laughable! And check out the implication of her opening sentence: she reads your every word! Is she a subscriber?

Just proves how much of a threat they consider you (kinda like the libs’ frantic attempts years ago to find a radio talk show host to counter Rush). And this whole “unmask yourself (so we can get you!)” mantra of theirs is so disingenuous. I certainly don’t find your efforts “spoiling this wonderful place” (where I’ve lived all my ** years -long before this refugee suburbanite!) -in fact I feel comforted knowing that someone of your intelligence and literacy is keeping watch, reporting these things with careful validation (and self-correction when wrong). It’s those who try to quell any questioning of their authority (a trait shared by every despotic regime we’ve ever heard of) who scare me. And sadly, as our elected officials who are supposed to be looking out for us they’re the ones who should be looking into this stuff and correcting it…

Yer a local hero (and one day someone will be asking for the movie rights)… drive on!
-a chickenman fan

Note from CM - the (below) above was an email from Sara Shick opening a West Vincent forum run by herself and Larry Westfall.  As of today the only contributions have been from Sara and one from Larry 
"We will pound your weasel face into the ground" Westfall.  There is a single comment by Pat Calhoon.

Whilst I don't really disagree with most of the things she write I strongly agree with one of her points "it is critical to get out and vote on November 8th."

Keep up the good work Chickenman!! I appreciate your newsletter!!  I am glad to get the information you send.
It is more than obvious why you remain anonymous.
Keep on Cluckin.

Please remove me from your mail list   Thank you


Nice post ChickenMan!!

Their frustration, as you rightly point out, is that your anonymity leaves them no way to direct their anger.  And, to paraphrase the other extremely important point you made, once they can direct their anger, they would do their best to make your life a living hell and shut down the good work you’re doing. Keep it up!
You can use my post, but sign me “another anonymous coward bent on routing out evil!”

Hi can you please add ******@yahoo.com. Thanks!

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Keep up the good work , and let us know what is happening !

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9.Hi to you too, again,

The West Vincent legislators can't attack the message because truth is truth; they can however attack the messenger. In this case it's you. I believe you are doing a great service to the community and hope you continue.

What I am concerned with is that we seem to all live in a bubble here and that outside forces turn their back on events that appear to be illegal!!

How can we elevate this to the press, to County and State officials that might just put a stop to all the bs here in West Vincent.

Keep up the good work and remain clocked.


You are butting heads w lots of vested interests w lots of friends, business associates,... I would think there are many good people who approve of what you are doing...have you contacted a investigative reporter?
Keep on keepin on...

I received my letter today from Good Government for West Vincent.  The last paragraph states, "...and we expect a write-in attempt by the former Republicans we defeated in the May Primary."  I hope we are given an opportunity to vote for the former Republicans defeated in May.  It is time for a change.

Keep on keepin on...


End of readers letters!

Today, I also include a scan from a publication I just received this week. Karma, perhaps? It is all about runoff from construction operations. Read the short article entitled "Understanding 102.5(a)-Permit Requirements. I still haven't been able to find the permit for the "Muddy Waters" job.

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