October 15


In my last report was the uncovering of who has allowed soil laden water to spew into the Birch Run, silting the exceptional value stream. The question that was left on the table is this: Why has this been allowed to happen and no violations have been cited? The answer is this:

The contractor, Jeff Lewis is well know in the Birchrunville area and lives on Flowing Springs Rd. He was persuaded to run for the position of Auditor (by Ken Miller , Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Roadmaster) in the Primary election and won the position against the Incumbent. Since he has no one opposing him in the fall, most likely he will win the position unless someone were to run against him with a write-in, which isn't likely.

What does the Auditor do, you may ask? Auditors (in this case there is a board of three) have really only one basic job in West Vincent Township. That is, to SET THE SALARY OF THE ROADMASTER.

A little history is in order:

The current Auditor, Ronnie Monteith (who lost in the Primary), voted against a pay raise for the last two years, with the reason that the County and the State were holding the line on salary increases, a reasonable case. The first of those two years(2010), Auditor Jim Fasel agreed to vote against the pay raise, Barbara Dunn (Ken Miller's Campaign Manager during his election) voted for the pay raise.

The second year (2011), Jim Fasel abstained from voting citing a conflict of interest because Ken Miller discussed buying development rights worth over $100,000 (with Township Funds) from Mr. Fasel, leaving, at best, a deadlock vote between Dunn and Monteith since Monteith voted against the raise. Since there could be no majority vote, the Roadmaster salary was again frozen to $25000 a year WITH A FULL BENEFIT PACKAGE for a part time job.

When Jeff Lewis gets in, expect a substantial pay raise for Roadmaster Ken Miller (who, as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors can influence others in the administration that enforce the law). Pay raises still are not the norm in the current economic clime. What is that called? “Quid Pro Quo”, (From the Latin meaning "what for what") indicates a more-or-less equal exchange or substitution of goods or services. Friends taking care of friends, at the taxpayer expense. Protection for Pay Raise, in this case. You just watch what happens. Please understand that I do NOT blame the property owner for this preventable incident. He is held hostage to the contractor that did the shoddy workmanship.

There is an equally disturbing question looming. All of those that live in and around Birchrunville that proclaim to be enviromentalists, once again turn a blind eye when it is someone they are friends with. Is it ok when one of their own does damages to the earth and it is only bad when it is someone other than their friends and relations? The answer is yes, which was proven when the Pam Brown expose came out. If you don't remember the Pam Brown expose (payment of $102,000 of taxpayer dollars to buy development rights and then allowing her to develop the property), go to my website http://tinyurl.com/westvincentinfos and look at anything that says “Pam Brown”. Here are the dates:

December 19, 2010
February 28, 2011
April 27, 2011

There may be others, I didn't check through the list.

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