14 October 2011


After my notes following the abusive emails from Linda Fuchs I have heard even more murmurings about my anonymity from those who oppose my newsletter!  Therefore please excuse me if I revisit this subject whilst finalising my thoughts on the muddy waters subject.

I am will borrow a few words from http://www.wadeburleson.org/search/label/Anonymity “Anonymous Writing Is Not Intrinsically Evil”, in my submission today. Please read this and remember it when the haters talk about my anonymity. The writings I submit today are exactly what those that attack me have been saying since I started these writings over a year ago. Remember, they will attack the messenger, no matter that the message is true.

Basically, the history of anonymity in writing is long and rich. Usually (almost always) anonymous writing is done by those NOT in power rightly criticizing those IN POWER who are in a position to shut-up and shut-down the anonymous source, thus putting an end to the public’s knowledge of the corruption. Those of you who are so quick to call others cowards can do so precisely because you support those in power or have nothing to lose.

If you don’t want to believe what an anonymous author is saying, it wouldn’t matter if there was a name attached to it or not. Even if their identity was known, you still wouldn’t believe it. If there’s truth to what they are saying, then who cares if you know their name or not? Will those being criticized answer the criticisms with true substance? They have yet to.

A list of contemptible cowards names like John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison, men who published anonymously (OK…they used the pseudonym Publius) the Federalist Papers, called by many the most important political documents outside the Constitution and Declaration of Independence in our nation’s history. Cowards they were… discard their ideas.

Also add to the mix more contemptible cowards like Thomas Paine (Common Sense was anonymous upon publication) and the dozens and dozens of revolutionary war era and anti-slavery tracts published anonymously (see Gutenberg.org for a list). Also discredit the information of historical figures like the anonymous (until his death) “Deep-throat” who let the nation in on major political scandal and corruption in Washington D.C. Guess he was a coward too. Also there have been numerous corporate whistleblowers who have anonymously helped bring justice to out-of-control corrupt companies. Cowards each one...some, we owe our very standard of life to because without them, our investments could have turned to complete dust, leaving us destitute.

When one sits down to watch or read the news, with all of the different news sources today, do you really know who the person is presenting the current events? Chances are, the answer is no. You may recognize the name, you may not. That person may say, “I'm Clare Quinn, (or Kit Trolier, or David Brown or Hassan Izz-Al-Din, for that matter) and here is tonight's news”, but does that mean the news is true? No. The only way to know for a fact if it is true is with evidence; documents and pictures come to mind. Have I provided those items? Of course. Do the detractors show any opposing factual documents? Not yet, but it has only been around 444 days since I started my little newsgroup. The detractors just conduct smear campaign after smear campaign. They have done it to the opposing, non-connected (to the township administration) candidates that have run. The haters and people in power give their opinions and present them as fact with nothing to back up what they say. Malasics and Holderness always have documentation to back up their claims. The other side, well, I already covered that. So who do you believe? That is strictly up to you, I only offer my observations.

It’s easy to sit on the winning side and take pot-shots at the whistle-blowers. It’s easy to call them cowards and discredit their work so readily. It’s much tougher to admit that those such as myself are just honest people telling the truth.

Some of Clare Quinn's claims against me on her website, and my response to these claims, can be found on my own website  http://tinyurl.com/westvincentinfos  Please take a look, and see what she has said.

As the election season is heating up (the signs are starting to pop up!) I'll mention that if you are going to be away or cannot get to the polls on election day, you should apply for an absentee ballot. Here is the link: http://www.chesco.org/election/lib/election/pdf/absentee_app.pdf   You must mail this in, then an absentee ballot will be sent to you. Fill out the absentee ballot and mail it back. Don't think you can make a difference? Some elections in the recent past here in West Vincent have been lost by 3 votes.

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