October 13


Did anyone study the Bills List from October 3rd? The date of several of the bills is October 7, which was 4 days in the future. This is NOT the DUE date, rather the date of submission. Maybe West Vincent uses a Flux Capacitor to go back and forth through time. Perhaps we should look in the maintenance barn for a DeLorean.  One thing is for sure, numbers are a fuzzy thing here in West Vincent, aren't they?

Now, I return the the silting of the Birch Run.

In the last e-mail, I showed another picture of the topsoil from someone's property racing down not one, but two streets, Flowing Springs Rd and Schoolhouse Lane.

As you could see from the satellite picture I supplied yesterday, this was a fairly large project. It seems a freestanding garage was built and addition to the house, as well as was quite a bit of re-working of the topography of this project.

Just to remind you, here are the photos of the muddy water.


Here is a photo from Google Earth.  I have marked the approximate area of the satellite photo I showed yesterday, and the direction of flow of the muddy water.
  The first photo above was taken from the area of the small rectangle upper left on the following image, the second was taken some 200 yards further downstream, in the direction of the water flow, the brown arrows.

Comparing the Google Earth picture of the same property to my much newer picture below reveals that quite a bit of soil was disturbed.  I've turned the photo around to a similar alignment to the above image.  It's relatively easy to locate, the swimming pool is common to both pictures.

I requested a measurement be made by my friend that supplied the photo and his calculations come up with just over an acre, which would require an NPDES permit from the State. I have looked online and could not locate a permit being issued for this job. Perhaps it was not listed or I missed it?

My next quest was to find out who the violator is. It took a while of searching to identify the contractor(s) that worked on the property. Originally, I was told it was a contractor by the name of David Monteith. As it turns out, that is correct, but he only worked at that location for a very short period of time, it sounds like less than a week, perhaps as little as a day or two and did very little work there. An angry email, which I published, brought out another name and a couple tips from other subscribers. It seems the job was then taken over by a different contractor by the name of Jeff Lewis. As it turns out, Jeff Lewis lives in the township, not far from the site that is dispersing topsoil into our exceptional value stream. In fact, Mr. Lewis can see the Birch Run that he polluted from his house.

Mr. Lewis purchased a large parcel of ground from Zoe Perkins and is well known in the Birchrunville area. But those factors alone do not explain why nothing is being done to enforce the flagrant violations that damage our environment. In the next installment it will all make sense.

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