11 October 2011


Previously, I showed a vast silt stream running down Flowing Springs Road, as well as Schoolhouse Lane! The ultimate destination? The Birch Run, an EXCEPTIONAL VALUE stream. The runoff was created from a rainstorm on September 28, 2011.

I have since traced this contamination to its source. There is vast amounts of groundwork being performed on a property that has frontage on both Flowing Springs Rd and Schoolhouse Lane. I went to Google Earth to get a view of the properties in the area with ground disturbance but came back empty handed. I made a phone call to a friend that was able to get me a very recent satellite photograph of the area. This one is far more recent, in the last 30-60 days. This led to the discovery of the violating property.

I noticed that in this picture there is almost NO silt fence on the property, which explains the “why”. Now, to uncover the WHO. The other day, I received an e-mail with a lead, which I published. Since then, there have been several others that have been of assistance. Apparently, there are people with a conscience in Birchrunville. I am still working on the details but should be finished shortly.

On another point, I had a response to my reply to Linda Fuchs of 1451 Hilltop Road.  You remember she wrote  "I find you disturbing, mean spirited, immature and extremely divisive." Well here is her response to my reply.

"OOOOPS..Sorry..I omitted arrogant and pompous..."

Well, maybe it's true, but that's what we are up against.  I asked her to tell me anything I have exposed that was not true.  She could not do that.  I give you the facts, they resort to name calling.

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