8 October 2011


Having received the following blast I feel it is time to quote some more reader's letters, with my response, where appropriate.

Linda Fuchs wrote:
I find you disturbing, mean spirited, immature and extremely divisive. The simple fact that you cannot and will not identify yourself is outrageous to me and proves my points exactly.
Linda Fuchs
My reply:
Anonymous writings hold a strong part in American history.

"If not for the use of pen names, our monetary system would probably be in pounds and shillings rather than dollars. The political debate that led to the American Revolution and the ratification of the United
States Constitution was waged under pseudonyms, published not only in newspapers throughout the colonies, but in pamphlets that were widely circulated."

I personally feel proud to stand with the likes of:
Alexander Hamilton, Noah Webster, Benjamin Rush, George Clinton, Arthur Lee, John Dickinson and Patrick Henry.

If you are interested, take a look at


You say "I find you disturbing, mean spirited, immature and extremely divisive. The simple fact that you cannot and will not identify yourself is outrageous to me and proves my points exactly."

Sadly, you are attacking the messenger and not reading the message. It doesn't make any difference who I am. What is important is if what I say is true, which it is. You are right that I will not say who I am, because I am worried about the consequences to me if I am known. There are a great many people that want me shut down and have attempted to do so. Please, I beg you, read what I have written and tell me what I have exposed that is not true. I supply the documentation to prove what I say. I noticed that you are not a subscriber. I appreciate any comments, good or bad. Thank you.

Best wishes


Here are a few more emails I have received in the past few days

"I am happy that you are bringing to the surface Jeff Lewis' careless work in this township. It should be known that he is a big Miller, Perkins and Quinn fan. Dig deeper Chickenman and you will find he is of the lowest moral fiber. His latest side show as township auditor makes perfect sense - keeping company with the crooks that are in charge should be a perfect fit for him.

Keep up the good work. From my understanding you are having an amazing impact on this community and I am very grateful to you.

(Comment from CM) Apparently there are people in the township that know who the contractor is on the job I am currently reporting on. I wonder how many in Birchrunville know and won't speak up?

"Congrats Chickenman and thanks for all the great info!!!"

"Thanks Chickenman! Your emails are appreciated. "


Thanks for all the updates.  I get sicker and sicker as I continue to read your posts and blogs.

Seems like all the "materials D & L Fleck (or whatever name he is hiding behind these days) is being paid for by the township.  As a contractor, I have to pay for all my materials and get reimbursed.  Why does he expect the township to  pay for his materials?  Oh, because he has no money.  That's why.  Special privileges for the friends of Ken Miller I guess.  I am moving out of this township in the next year because I hate all the corruption and mostly Ken Miller.  He flits around like he owns the town and is not embarrassed one bit about what he does that is clearly so improper. 

Please do not use my name for any purpose of any mailing

(comment from CM) Materials are paid for by the township because of the type of  contract. Looking into the way the contract works, it is really a township road crew project with assistance from a contractor. In order to be proper, there must be more township employees than outside contractor employees on the job.  Sure didn't look that way to me. More on that later.

End of quotes.

After the last remark of my contributor above I will confirm my policy regarding anonymity.  Subscribers who write with support or information will never ever be identified without specific permission.  However non subscribers who send 'hate mail' are fair game..........

Soon, there will be another newsletter about Muddy Waters, with another photo.............

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