27 September 2011


I'm having some time off just now so I will simply deal with a couple of mails I have received.  First comes from Chris Peeples

    Hi CM,
    Though I agree that conspiring to deceive the taxpayer is wrong, I do sympathize with Mr. Flick. I don't know the man but have always resented having to pay property taxes on a property where I had no right to make a living. I had the County tell me that I couldn't build gazebos on my farm and had to move my business in 1985 (Amish build stuff on their farms). Where do we draw the lines of private property and a right to earn a living. Obviously Mr. Flick is just limping by and the township wants to help "their own". I have somewhat mixed feeling about destroying someone's livelihood for the sake of some confiscatory tendencies' of government.

Chris is a braver man than I to allow release of his name.  Now if you later discover later that he is not allowed to live in his house because the township has lost the papers to prove it, or if you hear his wife is accused of running a brothel from their home, remember you heard it here first!

I replied:
Hi Chris

I don't disagree with you. What the issue is, in it's entirety, is that this was ruled on by the Chester County courts and this was an issue with the neighbors. This is why zoning was made. I don't agree with certain aspects of zoning, but that is why it takes good people in office to fix the laws. The laws need to be enforced. There are many instances where the township turns it back on violators if they are "friends" and attacks those they perceive as "enemies". Either you enforce all, or none.

I have no doubt that the Flecks are nice people. I am not picking on them. What I am demonstrating is that the township is not doing things in accordance with the law except for when it suits them. The question then becomes, where else are the practices of ignoring the law going on. Is it in the taxpayers pocket once again? The rule of thumb is that there are twelve rats for every one you see. How many more things are going on that are hidden?

May I quote your e-mail in my newsletter? I will do it with or without your name, at your discretion. We can change it a touch if you think it points too directly at you.  I won't quote it at all unless you agree.

Chris wrote
Yes, you can post with name if you like. I'm not bashful about my position on things. There's not much I get from the Township for my excessive taxes so I suppose there's little they could take away if they didn't like my positions.

Then I received an email from jamie@powersealusa.com  It is an abusive mail therefore I feel free to quote his email address.

    Hey Chickenshit,

    Hiding behind an alias gives you no credibility. Man up and use your name.
    The main thing to be held in contempt is your lack of a spine.

This was my reply to jamie
Makes no difference who I am or whether you believe me.  Just read the proof I send and make your own mind up.

Best wishes

Seems the opposition can be abusive.  Rember Larry Westfall wrote "We will pound your weasel face in the ground!!!!!!"

But I looked into this a little and what do you think?  Jamie is not on my mailing list.  He is not even a friend of someone on my mailing list.  He is a friend of a friend of someone on my mailing list.  And whatsmore, he is closely involved with Andy Fleck who is reputed to have been at involved in Jamie's business.  Andy is Ken Fleck's brother. Andy and Ken ride dirt bikes, Jamie fixes them.  They are all closely involved and grew up together.  I just recently sent out an email saying that maybe Ken Fleck was maybe not that bad but if his friends write abusive emails like that maybe that is is how Ken thinks.  Maybe I was wrong to suggest that Ken Fleck might be a nice guy?

But perhaps Jamie is misled? In my investigation, I found that with 4-5 other guys he founded PATH (Pennsylvania Trailing Hands) which is a non profit that does trail maintenance at State Parks voluntarily and without pay. This keeps the trails clear for all of us to use. Jamie is a longtime friend of the Flecks and is apparently defending his friend, unfortunately not hearing all the facts. It might be a blind side or perhaps he just doesn't want to see the facts for what they are.

Nowhere will you find me calling names.  I report facts, and give proof.  No one would be happier than I if I had no corruption to report in West Vincent.

As usual, if you want to be on or off my list, or have some comments or suggestions, or know someone who would like to be on the list, please let me know.  Feel free to forward this email on to anyone you think might be interested.   Especially though, if you don't want to continue to receive my mails, please tell me. I'll take you off the list and confirm that I have done so.   Just hit reply to this email or write to chestercountynews@gmail.com

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Best wishes

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