19 September 2011


In my last submission, I spoke of the Court Order from Chester County that was "supposed" to remove Fleck's operation from St Matthews Rd.   I included the Motion for Summary Judgment in that e-mail. Today, I attach the Decision from the Appeal from July 1, 2002. In fact, on Page 4 of this decision, the Court found DL Fleck to be in contempt Quoting the document, it says "determined that the Flecks are, indeed, in contempt of our Order and its mandate that the property be used only for those uses permitted by the residential zoning regulations applicable thereto." They were in contempt at the time and have continued the same practice until this very moment and time, which would be for over a DECADE! The township has never enforced this decision, protecting the Fleck operation. Why? Do certain citizens have more rights in West Vincent than others? I think I have proven that several times in the last 14 months, haven't I? Perhaps one day I will get the time to list all of them.

I have received pictures from a subscriber that I would like to share. These are recent pictures of the property taken in the last 30 days.

1954 St Matthews Rd

Photo taken from Pughtown Road.

Clearly, this property (1954 St Matthews Rd) is being used as a commercial use and the Township of West Vincent knows it and ignores the Chester County Court ruling. Look at the two large dump trucks in the driveway (the Red Dump cannot be seen in the lane from the St. Matthews drive entrance), 40 foot storage container, a flatbed (?) truck and the stockpiling of materials. We already know about the tar buggy and other equipment from the Sheriff (Execution) Sale list I provided earlier. The pictures were taken within 5 minutes of each other. Is that something that you, the reader, have in your back yard? Perhaps this equipment is listed in Mr. Fleck's personal insurance policy as "pleasure" in the column USE OF VEHICLE?

West Vincent Administration and the Road Maintenance Contractor - "Birds of a feather flock together", and they perch on the shoulders of you, the West Vincent Taxpayer.

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