18 September 2011


First of all an oops!   I did not attach the scan of the DL Fleck planning decision 12 January 2001. Sorry.  It is now attached.

In the last e-mail, I showed where DL Fleck, now D & L Construction, had an illegal commercial operation in in a residential neighborhood. So illegal, in fact, the Chester County courts ruled on the issue. Therefore, it was to be removed from the location immediately.  West Vincent Township has been hiring DL Fleck to do road work for the Township for several years. Now, D & L Construction (the same people as DL Fleck) was awarded the latest Road Maintenance contract.  Maybe, you might think, the Supervisors don't realize this is an illegal commercial operation?

Unfortunately, the very Board that is in place currently is the EXACT same Board of Supervisors in power when when the Chester County Court system abolished Fleck from operating in that location in 2001. That Board of Supervisors, Ken Miller, Zoe Perkins and Clare Quinn knowingly allow this commercial operation to continue in the township in direct conflict with a court order. Is that what is called contempt? They know this operation is illegal and yet allow it to continue. Worse yet is that Zoe Perkins was in favor of the illegal Fleck operation being shut down and yet she votes to hire D & L Construction, knowing of the violation.

"Civil contempt consists of failure to do something which is ordered by the court for the benefit of another party to the proceedings (sometimes called relief to litigants)."

Wouldn't the Principals of DL Fleck/D&L Construction be in contempt? The name can change from DL Fleck to D & L Construction, the use of the location is STILL ILLEGAL. And the township not only refuses to enforce the Court Decision, they reward the contractor by hiring him! Here are pictures from Google Earth. (Fly to 1954 St. Matthews Rd Phoenixville, click on 1992 bottom left, then slide the slider which appears top right to get the different years)




There are other Google Earth photos from intervening years but these others are somewhat too blurred to show anything other than there may have been vehicles etc there. Never the less, in later pictures the property came back to life, in direct violation of the Chester County Court order.

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