17 September 2011


In the last e-mail, I gave examples of over $100,000 in Judgments against DL Fleck, owner of D & L Construction. I actually missed one. American Express for $6351.00. It was just posted in August and is a very recent default. Links are here 011, 012, and 013.  Interestingly, there is more to the operation than just the defaults.

There is an issue that this business location was found to be an illegal use on the West Vincent Property on which the DL Fleck business is located. Several years ago, there was a complaint against DL Fleck (now D&L Construction) stating that they had no legal right to operate a commercial operation in a residential location. There was a Township Zoning Board Hearing followed by an appeal to Chester County Courts with the decision which ruled that the use of a commercial operation in the residential location was not permissible. The address for the violation was 1954 St Matthews Rd. Both Court Decisions are attached to this e-mail.

Now before anyone in the administration has the chance to say that the operation runs out of a different location, remember, the Execution Sale (Sheriff's Sale) for D&L Fleck's most recent judgement was at the same address in West Vincent. I wrote about this on 24 June and it can be seen on my website (address below), a copy of the sale notice is also attached. To determine the location of the business, the Constable would have to come to that location and physically see equipment that could be sold at auction.

D& L Fleck (now D & L Construction LLC) is currently operating from an address of 1946 St Matthews Rd, which is right next door to the 1954 address (where the Execution Sale was to be located), in an illegal commercial operation located in Residential zoning in the township. A location which was ordered to be shut down by the Chester County Courts. All of the equipment is STILL at the same location, 1954 St. Matthews Rd. This is the preferred contractor in West Vincent? I guess it is all about enforcement by the current zoning officer........or lack thereof! Who knows about this? You'll find out next time.

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