9 September 2011


Yesterday, I spoke of Ken Miller admitting that either he or his son damaged two of the Weatherstone Sewage sprayheads. But he claims no knowledge of the third sprayhead - or rather, the first - having any damage.

Ken only admits to damaging two of the three sprayheads. What? Jim Wendelgass now claims that the other damaged sprayhead is one from Matthews Meadows. But the bills list clearly lists the damage being at the Weatherstone sprayfield.   Check out my old emails on my website and you can see the bills list snapshot. Better yet, here it is:

The repairs to the other two sprayheads were made on a different date.

But hey, Matthews Meadow Residents! Guess who cuts the the Matthews Meadows spray field? Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Kenneth Miller has that contract, at $1500 per cut. Now YOU get to pay the $500+ bill. That shifts the burden to you, from Weatherstone. I hope you don't mind paying for Ken Millers damage. That is, if it was at Matthews Meadows.  The photos of the 3 repaired sprayheads I showed you earlier were all taken at Weatherstone but obviously the damage was done on different dates as above.

Township Manager Jim Wendelgass stated that the damage was from vandalism. Once again, I reviewed the minutes. The Police Chief NEVER reported that there was any vandalism at the Matthews Meadows Sewer Facility. Jim Wendelgass also stated that it wasn't a mowing issue, it was an issue of tampering with the sprayhead. If that is the case, why is the repair bill as high, actually slightly HIGHER, than half of the two sprayhead repairs on the other bills list the Miller now admits he damaged? Jim Wendelgass says it was just the sprayhead. I checked into the cost of those sprayheads. They run around $75 retail, on the internet they are less than $60. The sprayheads simply screw on. Roughly a 10 minute job. How is the repair bill over $500?  Good thing you guys in Matthews Meadows have lot's of money to pay for Ken's damage in Weatherstone!

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