8 September 2011


I have much more on the Roads Maintenance contract awarding to come, but first I thought the readers should be updated on the Weatherstone sprayfield damages. It gets even more interesting. The more I look, the more I find! Thank you to the new people sending me tips.

In a recent e-mail, I exposed the fact that West Vincent Township was wrongly making the Weatherstone residents pay for damage to the the sewage spray field sprinkler system. What I disclosed is that the only way damage could have happened is by a large piece of equipment. The most likely suspect would be that of the person performing the contracted mowing for the township, which is paid for by the WeatherStone residents. Who is the contractor? Chairman of the Board of Supervisors for West Vincent Township, Ken Miller.

After I published this, at the following township meeting (August 22, 2011), Ken Miller admitted that TWO of the sprayheads were his responsibility, stating that, “When, uh, my son was mowing the spray fields, he knocked two of them off. Well, I paid the $972 of amount that RJL billed to the township. The township paid RJL (voice trailing off)...I told the township they were knocked off the day that I did it, and said when the bill gets in to get it fixed and let me know. The day that it was on the bills list the check was already in the township building.” This quote comes straight from the township video, and is within the first 55 seconds of the meeting.

So, if Ken's son did the damage, why did Ken say that “I told the township the day that I did it”?  More importantly, if this was true, when Jim Wendlgass was asked at the prior meeting about who pays for the repairs, he stated that it is paid from the Weatherstone Sewage Fund. Certainly, if he had known, he would have said that Ken Miller (or his son) did the damage and the township was being compensated. Something smells and it ain't just the sewage.

The good news is that the Weatherstone residents are allegedly reimbursed almost $1000. The bad news? I'll talk about that later.

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