Recently, I have been talking about bids for work in West Vincent township. Some of this information has been a little tedious and I apologize. I wish I didn't have to report any of this, I look forward to the day when there is nothing more to be said about the way things are done in our township but until that happens, I will keep writing. The way things are going, I think I might be around for a while.

In the last completed bid, which was for Road Maintenance, there was a TOWNSHIP requirement for a BID BOND or equivalent (i.e. a cashier's or bank check for the full amount required) A bid bond is a guarantee that the winning bidder will meet ALL of the requirements set forth in the bid. For example, he will have all the equipment on the list and that he will be covered by the proper insurances. A bid bond is a financial guarantee on a promise.

Here is a series of events.

   1.      I have already stated that you can watch the video from July 11, 2011 (minutes are not yet released but were approved a long time ago) on the West Vincent Township website where the Supervisors were asked if there were was a bid bond attached to each of the bids and Chairman Ken Miller stated, "We have to see what is in the bid package to see if they qualify to be accepted as the winning bid (voice trailing off)".

   2.      On July 25, 2011 (over a month ago but minutes still not approved), when the bid was awarded to DL Fleck, the Supervisors were asked if there was a bid bond attached, the answer from Chairman of the Board of Supervisors was a quiet “yes”. Township video starting at about the 15 second mark when they award the bid.

   3.      In a letter written by Township Manager dated August 1, 2011 to Art Ewell (which is attached), responding to a request to see the bid bond posted by the winning bidder, the letter states that there was no requirement for a bid bond, just a Performance Bond  (a copy of the check is attached). This check is dated July 22, 2011, far after the closure date of the bid (July 11, 2011) so this check is clearly not a bid bond. Yet, the bid package on page 6 (see attachment Bid Page 6) (entire package also attached) clearly requires that a Bid Bond of 10% must accompany the bid. This is a Pennsylvania issued form MS-970, used when any job project is using Liquid Fuels Money (tax money collected when you purchase fuel at the pump). A BID BOND IS CLEARLY REQUIRED IN THE BID PACKAGE.

At a Township meeting on August 22, 2011, the Township Supervisors were asked about the letter sent by Township Manager Jim Wendelgass to Art Ewell on August 1, 2011, (video on Township website (starting at 3 minutes, 45 secs)). Jim Wendelgass stated “On that bid there was no Bid Bond...”.

A Bid Bond is required according to the Township documents and there was not one supplied. If the bid was not complete, such as not supplying a Bid Bond at the time of submission (as required by the bid package), the bid was not complete.  Yet the bid was still awarded to the “preferred” contractor, DL Fleck, now D & L Contracting. The Township Manager, Jim Wendelgass, CLEARLY contradicts what the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Ken Miller stated, that there was indeed a bid bond. Seems there might be something funny going on here..............

More to come on this issue.

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