4 September 2011


Some bits of Irene are still with us.  I had another reader's letter.

"Although the recent storm was not as bad as predicted, and the power was back in two days the thing that bothers me is the lack of response from our road master and our high priced union road crew. I am sending some pictures of a tree that has been down all week on Miller Road that is fully blocking one lane. I go that way from time to time, and nothing has been done at all. It is touching phone wires, but why can't Mr. Miller at least have his crew put out some reflective cones or barricades? At least some of the yellow tape like the police use."

Photos taken 2 September.

It got me wondering what they actually do do because 15 minutes with a chain saw should have fixed that tree problem.  I'd be interested to hear if anyone spots them doing anything, and for how long they were actually doing it? And was Mr Miller out there supervising?

In my last posting, I spoke about the bidders for the West Vincent Road Maintenance contract. There were only two bidders.

DL Fleck, formerly of 1954 St Matthews Rd, now D & L Construction LLC at 1946 St Matthews Rd, Phoenixville, PA and operated by Ken Fleck was awarded the Road Maintenance contract on Monday night, July 25, 2011. I thought I would check into who this contractor (who is favored by Ken Miller and as a result, West Vincent Township) really is.

There are some credit issues and judgments on file for Kenneth Fleck. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and many other creditors, such as Capital One - Default Judgment $13630.85 (See Capital 1 and Capital 2 attached), National Penn Investors - $65417.65 Judgment (see Nat Penn 1 and Nat Penn 2 attached), Commonwealth of PA Bureau of Compliance - $29,771.18 (see PAC 1 and PAC 2 attached) and Chester County back property taxes are showing as open on Chesco Pin (see Back Taxes 1 and Back Taxes 2 attached).

I am concerned that if any of these creditors would pursue collection of the judgments, there might be ANOTHER Sheriffs sale and the equipment could be sold and the township is left out in the cold. Without equipment, the contractor cannot perform his duties. You may remember, in an earlier e-mail, I pointed out (complete with a picture of the Execution Sale posting) that DL Fleck was being forced into a Execution Sale.  At the last minute the sale was cancelled, presumably because Fleck settled the account, but it rather disappointed one of my readers who had gone along to the sale site hoping to bid on one of the pieces of equipment! 

That's enough for now. I have uncovered some other interesting information that will have to wait for another day.

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