1 September 2011


Writing about Hurricane Irene interrupted my flow about the DL Fleck affair.  It interrupted a few other things too.  I hope you weren't personally too much affected.  One of my readers wrote:

"Thank you so much for the information about the dry ice! We just put a side of beef in our freezer as well as all the summer produce from our garden. We can't believe the level of support our neighboring communities give their residents while our "wonderful" supervisors here in West Vincent only worry about a stupid movie night. My husband says that's what the tax increase gets us!
So glad you work on Sunday!"

Another wrote:

"Black Horse Road (gravel side) is closed at Route 100 due to downed power lines.  The Township put up plastic barricades and yellow tape across the road.
Yes, it would be nice if the Township would post something like this, especially since they know about it."

Chickenman's normal service is now, again, being resumed.

I spoke about the questionable re-advertising of the Road Maintenance bid and the limited bidders. Certainly there must be a reason for what is being done. The bids were opened on July 11, 2011.

In the meeting of July 11, 2011, after the two bids were opened, the Board of Supervisors was asked if there was a bid bond or a certified check attached to the bids, which was clearly specified in the bid package on Page 6. The answer from Ken Miller was "We have to see what is in the bid package to see if they qualify to be accepted as the winning bid (voice trailing off)".

Why not just look in each bid envelope and see if there was a Bid Bond or Certified Check enclosed? If any of the bids did not include the Bid Bond or Check, they should be disqualified instantaneously. The point of this bidding exercise is to get the best price, all bids should be subject to the same requirements. West Vincent Township required a Bid Bond (a bond that guarantees the bid will be accepted by the contractor) and a Performance Bond. A Performance Bond is a financial guarantee that a contractor's work will be performed properly. It can be substituted with a bank check if specified, which will be returned after a predetermined amount of time if all the work holds up properly. If the bidders are deficient in furnishing a Bid Bond.......they most likely have a problem getting a Performance Bond.

What is going on? Why deflect the questions? The object of a public meeting is to be public. Where is the transparency? Who was awarded the contract? In my next e-mail, I will have much more.

If you know Maria Holderness or Richard Malasics see if you can persuade them to stand as write ins in November.  Even better, offer them your active support.  We could do with some honesty and straight thinking in West Vincent.  Of course, even if you don't know them I'm sure any offers of help would be welcomed!

Oh and keep your comments rolling in.  Photos would be nice too. Maybe a photo of the side of beef or the yellow tape might have been nice?

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Best wishes

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