27 August 2011


I have recently been receiving lots more information about the very dubious 'goings on' in West Vincent.

I hardly know where to begin.  I'll start with DL Fleck.

On Monday, July 11, 2011, the West Vincent Supervisors opened the bids for the annual Road Maintenance contract.  Previously, bids were solicited to be opened on June 27th.  At that meeting, no mention was made pertaining to the opening of the bid, if any bids were received OR of the intent to re-advertise OR that the bids were all rejected. Not one word was mentioned. It was as if the bidding process never existed.

Apparently, there was a decision made to advertise the Road maintenance bid again, without a formal motion, or with any public discussion. There is a question on the legality of such an action. If companies bid on the Road Contract to be awarded on June 27, and did so on a timely basis, were they notified?   In the latest round of bidding (July 11), there were only two bidders for the Roads Maintenance contract. DL Fleck and Melchiorre construction. No others.

You would think that with the limited amount of work out in the private sector today, more would have bid for this publicly paid job. Other townships regularly get many bidders for their road work. Perhaps the oddly specific listing of all the equipment by brand name (I spoke about this in an earlier e-mail). Could it be that in this economic climate contractors were squeamish about posting the required Bid Bond (the township required bond which guarantees you will fulfill the requirements of the bid) which could be substituted with a Bank Check.

As convoluted as the above seems, there is plenty more to come on this lucrative contract and it's awarding. Stay tuned.

Luckily we are not in Libya.  We do not have to take up arms and risk our lives to destroy the corruption.  We can do it by the ballot box, on 8 November.

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