22 August 2011


I really didn't want to revisit the question of Ken Miller's back taxes, and the money he owes, especially since I hear people think I am attacking him unfairly. 
I received a couple of letters.  Is this the guy you want to watch over you tax money?  I'm sorry but even if he was my best pal, I wouldn't want to have him handling my money.

Here are the emails.

#1.  As of today, Miller still owes $45,986.76 in delinquent taxes as far back as 2003! Not much progress!  See attachments one, two, and three.

#2.  It is now starting to make sense, finally. It has taken a year for me to catch on. Last August, right about this time, Tom Helwig exposed Ken Miller for his massive tax debt to the County, School District and even West Vincent Township. Helwig asked for Mr. Miller's resignation, citing the fact that those in positions of trust need to have their affairs in order. His point was that those in debt sometimes will do things they shouldn't. For example, if a a person in the Armed Services has a gambling problem and handles top-secret documents, if his superior officer finds out, he will be relieved of that duty. The allure of trading secrets for money becomes overwhelming. The other day, I saw Miller's name in the paper for back taxes again. I found the paper in the recycle bin and cut it out.   Now I see that the Weatherstone residents are paying for his damages to the Weatherstone sprayfields. Miller should be paying for those damages. This is exactly what Tom Helwig warned about a year ago. What else is being hidden by Mr. Miller, et al? You may print this but do not attach my name or e-mail address. I live in the township and like many others am afraid of retribution. See attachment millertaxes.

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