19 August 2011


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After all the research on damaged sprayheads, the cost to fix the sprayheads and how much mowing the fields costs the Weatherstone residents, I decided to do some research. As it turns out, just out of the township, on Rt 100, there is a spray field in Upper Uwchlan Township. So I thought I would find out how much it costs Upper Uwchlan to have  maintenance (field mowing) performed. Here is the answer:

All the spray/drip fields are permitted through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for crop growth and production as part of Upper Uwchlan's permitting process (except wooded areas – obviously no crop production). The Township maintains a small area on the perimeter of most of the fields due to infrastructure issues. As it turns out, Upper Uwchlan has an arrangement with a farmer who harvests the crop only after it gets to a certain height. The farmer gets the product and the Township is the recipient of the harvest. Cost to the township? $0.00

You didn't miss that did you?  Cost of mowing at Weatherstone $18,000 per year.  Cost of similar work in Upper Uwchlan?  NOTHING.

By the way, at the meeting of August 8, 2011, the minutes of June 27 and July 5 were approved. To date, as of 1:00pm Friday 19 August, 11 days since they were approved, the minutes are still not published. Why? Speaking of why(?), why does it take over one month to approve minutes? If there is anything that the residents and taxpayers of West Vincent have an issue with, by the time they find out about a specific discussion, the time for public comment is here and gone.

Also by the way the next BOS meeting is not Sunday, it is just the reminder that is due to come out Sunday for the Monday meeting.  The message was intended just to be a test message for my eyes only but went out to the whole list!  We are better at investigating than understanding emails and websites.

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