18 August 2011


Lots of people, mostly Verizon and Comcast subscribers, have not been receiving my mails over the past 3 weeks or so.  Sorry about that, firstly I did not know this was happening, and then, when I did know, I did not know why.

Some subscribers were told that my mails were rejected because of spyware/malware content.  Huh?  Others did not see anything. Some thought the bad people had something to do with it.  You may have missed as much as seven of my newsletters - I have been busy recently!

But I now believe it was just because I included the address of my new website in the emails.  Due to having limited (Haha! read no) funds available I used a free web hosting site.  Since it is a free hosting site it is quite possibly popular with spyware/malware distributors and therefore blacklisted.  All my previous emails are shown on my site, in full, plus a response to the lies on Clare Quinn's site.  Sorry to use that word, but there is no other.  Check out my responses.  Anyway to see that and all my previous mailings including those you may have missed please go to chickenman medianewsonline com. Replace the spaces with dots. Sorry you have to do that bit of work, but if I had put in the dots this mail would probably be blacklisted like all the others and you may never have received it.

Please read my previous mailings and you will be ready for my next update tomorrow.

Best wishes

Now into my second year of publication