17 August 2011


One final issue pertaining to the Weatherstone Spray field issue. In March,when the mowing contract was being discussed, Tom Helwig was insistent that a Performance Bond be required. The township solicitor stated that it was not required but capitulated and stated that a 10% Performance bond would be required.) See the March 14 minutes http://www.westvincenttwp.org/minutes/BOS%20Minutes%2003-14-11.pdf)    Helwig stated that it should be 100% according the the Second Class Township code. The end result was that it was to be a 10% Performance bond.

What is a Performance Bond? It is an amount of money posted by the contractor to protect the township (the taxpayers) for a job that is not completed, done poorly, or, in this case, township property is damaged.

So, did the contractor, Ken Miller, Chairman of the Board of supervisors/Roadmaster, have a Performance bond?  Worse yet,  the fact that Ken Miller, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors/Roadmaster would allow and approve bills to pay for damage that he most likely created is appalling.  If he has a Performance bond, I would hope that the township would immediately deduct the costs from it and refund the Weatherstone residents. If he doesn't have a Performance bond, both he and the township are operating illegally. The Performance bond should be around $1800 so the taxpayers would be protected...if the bond exists. 

I'll just note that $1800 is10% of 4 x $4500 that is 4 mowings per year, and Miller got the job because there were no other bids - maybe no one knew - and for those Mums interested in a sunny summer job, that in addition to mowing, the grass needs to be baled and carted away!

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