16 August 2011


In my last e-mail, I mentioned that three sprayheads at the Weatherstone sewage disposal field were damaged, not by vandalism but most likely by the person that is contracted and paid to mow the field. So I researched who has the contract to mow the field. Here it is, an extract from the attached file:

The Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Roadmaster of West Vincent Township, Kenneth Miller, holds that contract. As you can see he mowed just one week before the TWO sprayheads had to be replaced. Total cost to the Weatherstone residents for the THREE sprayheads to be replaced: $1477.

Ken Miller gets paid $4500 for each mowing of the Weatherstone sprayfield by West Vincent Township. What account does that come from? You guessed it, the Weatherstone Sewage Fund, which is funded wholly by the Weatherstone residents. Weatherstone residents get to pay to have the field mowed...then pay again for the damage. The Supervisors Clare Quinn, Zoe Perkins and Ken Miller (the mowing contractor) approved the repairs to be paid with Weatherstone money.

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