13 August 2011


Recently, the township has approved two bills for repairs of sprayheads for the sewage treatment fields in West Vincent Township. The "sprayheads" are the sprinklers that take the processed sewage water and spray it on the open fields located on Westover Lane, across the street from the Weatherstone development. As reported by the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors/Roadmaster of West Vincent To
wnship, Ken Miller; the sprayheads were bent and needed replacing. Both were repaired by a company by the name of RJL Landscaping and I have attached the bills lists here and here reflecting the request for payment. There were two different bills lists where sprayhead damage was repaired, July 5 which was for the repair of a single sprayhead

and August 1 which was for the replacement of two sprayheads.

When asked at the July 5th meeting who will pay the bill for the repair of the bent spray heads, the answer from Jim Wendelgass was, "Actually, it's paid out of the Weatherstone, um...um...sew-age fund". That account is funded wholly by the Weatherstone homeowners, as it should be. Total cost to the Weatherstone residents to repair the sewage spray heads: $1477. The video is on the township website, see http://www.westvincenttwp.org/Videos/BOS%20Video%20070511.wmv

Something doesn't sound right about this bill to the Weatherstone residents so I decided to look further into this matter and I will explain more in my next e-mail.

Oh, and by the way, Clare Quinn on her website claims I make unsubstantiated claims. http://chickenman.medianewsonline.com/Clare/Clucks_Back.html   Clare how am I doing so far on unsubstantiated claims?  If she would like to send me scans of the actual bills from RJL I'll be happy to copy them. (She also makes a rather large number of her own unsubstantiated and incorrect claims on her website, but I'll deal with one thing at a time!)

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