19 July 2011


By now, if you are a subscriber, you know of my concern for where the tax dollars go in West Vincent Township. One of the things that has now added to the burden of operating costs is that the road crew became union. I am not anti-union. I personally believe that workers should have proper representation. I also believe that there is a time to give back.

In the latest issue of Governing Magazine, there is an interesting article on exactly what I fear, what you should fear and what the West Vincent Administration has no fear of, because they raised the General Fund tax (that is your money) to cover the added expenses. I can guarantee you one thing. It will NOT be enough to cover the expenses they have coming their way in the next couple years. Here is the article:


Be sure to read the comments.

In addition, I understand your Owen J Roberts School taxes are going to continue to increase annually for the next several years. Does you wallet hurt yet?

I think some people may have misunderstood my position regarding WVTPD.  To clarify, I think we have a good police dept.  But in these straightened times all departments should be seeking economies.

I received an e-mail from a subscriber concerning the Treasurer's job and I thought it should be printed for everyone to read:

"Dear Chickenman:

I am writing this to you because I feel that more people need to be aware of West Vincent Township's Republican candidate for Board of Supervisor Kit Trolier’s absurdly disgusting mindset.

Monday night’s West Vincent Township Board of Supervisors meeting provided me with an opportunity to do something I try to do at least once a day, that is, learn something new. I owe a debt to Kit Trolier, for it was she who was in the role of teacher and that of me as student. I thought that I knew most everything when it came to looking for jobs. In fact, whilst teaching college I taught seminars on resume writing and interviewing techniques. The other night, I learned from Ms. Trolier that I had overlooked a valuable job search tool, that of the obituary column. Ms. Trolier stated that the Township did not need to post or advertise for the job of Township treasurer since the old treasurer Robert Brown was listed in the obituaries. Anyone who was interested in filling his vacated position was duly notified through the obituary listing.

I know some of you may think of this as being just a touch ghoulish, however, in these tough economic times one has to make use of all the resources that are available. Keeping this in mind, I thought perhaps I had overlooked other aspects of the obituary column in the local newspaper. I'm certain that the recently deceased left things behind other than jobs that one may wish to acquire. You know what I'm talking about, classic cars, old silverware, fine antique furniture, why heck; there may even be a surviving spouse that someone might be interested in.  So, thank you Kit Trolier, for pointing out this valuable but often overlooked resource that all of us can exploit in the future.

P.s. I wonder where one could obtain a list of the critically ill.

P.p.s. It would be appreciated that all future obituary listings include a list of the deceased's education, job qualifications, and professional licenses, so that the still living who may be interested in those positions would know if they met the requisite required minimums to fill those jobs. That way, Zoe would not have to be burdened by fielding all those phone calls from people who were, as she stated, 'not qualified'."

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