9 July 2011


Last week, on June 27, the Board of Supervisors did not open the bids for Road Maintenance. As I reported, they did not even mention the bidding process, which according to the advertisement I supplied in a former e-mail, would be opened that evening. They did not withdraw the current bid process, nor did they amend it in any way. They did nothing in public. BUT, they did re-advertise the bid just two days later. I think that this is the THIRD time they are advertising the bid for Road Maintenance. There was a error in the first ad, an error in the second ad and now we are on the third ad.

Here is where it really gets funny. The ad was in the Mercury, our newspaper of choice here in West Vincent. The ad is not available in electronic form from the Mercury. Attached is a hard copy of the newspaper ad on 6/29/2011. By the way the ad does not mention that the the bid is available on line, and instead expects potential bidders to come to the township building themselves, or call and hope the package will not 'get lost in the mail'.

A search for the ad is not found in the classified section as I have attempted:      (Website note - I have left this link here for completeness - however time has passed and it no longer shows appropriate results)


The only thing that comes up is announcements from West WHITELAND township.  I guess that the ad isn't listed because it might be easier for companies to search out Municipal bids.  West Vincent does have a way to check for electronic ad placement under the Notices section of the Website.  But in order to see this electronic version you have to know where to look and, more importantly, what to look for.  To find a bid, you have to know that there is one available!   What?  Maybe this something perhaps Ken Miller, the Roadmaster doesn't want potential bidders to do. That might bring in more competition for DL Fleck?

In any event, the electronic version does not come up, the former bid was never retracted or announced in a public meeting and it sure seems like they are doing everything possible to make a public bid into a private bid.

I might add that the advertisement requests pricing for union and non-union rates may be required (I am paraphrasing and you can read it from the attachment). They did not leave a column to do both types of pricing in the bid package. Intentional? If the bidder does not price both ways, the bid could be found invalid. This is only speculation as I have no idea what is up the sleeves of the Roadmaster, this time around. All I can be sure of is that there will be the strongest of efforts for DL Fleck to get this contract.

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