8 July 2011


Recently, West Vincent Township lost a wonderful employee and asset to the administration. Robert Brown was the Treasurer for a number of years. His was highly experienced as his background was banking and after 34 years, he retired from Downingtown National Bank as President and CEO before coming to work for West Vincent. He passed away on June 14, 2011.

Has anyone seen the advertisement for the West Vincent Treasurer's position? Do you have the qualifications that would benefit our Township? Fantastic! Except I have not been able to find the ad in the paper. According to the reports I have received, a new Treasurer was appointed the other night, at the July 5 meeting. The new Treasurer is Danielle Hewitt. Congratulations, Danielle.

So, one might ask, who is Danielle Hewitt? Well, the best I have been able to find, and I could be wrong, Danielle Hewitt lives on Ridge Rd. She works as an Administrative Assistant at East Vincent Municipal Authority. Here is the information below:

262 Ridge Rd., Spring City, PA 19475
610-935-5459 FAX 610-933-1142
e-mail: evma@juno.com

Chairman: Ronald F. Brien
Vice Chairman: Klaus Burckhardt
Secretary: William March
Treasurer: Thomas Williams
Asst. Sec.: Kenneth Umstead
Asst. Treas.: Jeffery Knighton
Admin. Asst: Danielle Hewitt

One of Clare Quinn's best friends is a Supervisor for East Vincent Township, Christine McNeill. Danielle is married to Robert Hewitt, a dairy inspector. Part of his inspection territory seems to be West Vincent Township, which would include the inspection of Ken Miller's milk operation. Hmmmmmm.

The job was part-time with Robert Brown, 3 days a week. He often came in between
9-10 am and left before 4 pm. Let's say it was 18 hours a week, give or take a little. The position of Treasurer is now officially (as of Tuesday night)  FULL TIME, 40 hours a week which is going to include full benefits. Now our administration is going to have an even more burdened payroll in this economy.

I have not been able to find out anything about Danielle's qualifications, other than she is married to the guy that inspects Ken Miller's operation and she is an employee under Clare Quinn's friend at East Vincent Township. So the question is still, why no advertisement? Is she the most qualified for the position? If she is, why would she need more hours than Bob Brown? Open advertising for the position? No need. Nepotism is alive and well here in West Vincent.

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