1 July 2011


It looks like the latest minutes to be approved from the BOS are from May 23, 2011 and are on the West Vincent Website.  Here is an extract from the minutes.

"Township Employees including the Road Crew, part time Park Maintenance and two administrative staff have joined a union and have been negotiating a contract agreement for the last two (2) years.  Mr Wendelgass stated that there is a tentative contract agreement.  This includes a 2% pay raise retroactive to 20 I 0 and is a three year contract.  It also includes 5% pension contribution on their base pay.  Medical insurance is also included.  The Township was able change insurance plans to save money and if the plan costs rise the employees will contribute to the increase. The union representatives have signed the Agreement and the Board is now prepared to do the same. There were some questions regarding the agreement and the Board decided to wait until the public had a chance to review the contract before the actual signing.  It will be added to the Township website and be tabled until the May 31, 2011 Special Meeting of the Board."

To read the full minutes go to www.westvincenttwp.org, click on "Meetings and Minutes" and then select the date.

In these minutes (under New Business), Manager James Wendelgass talks about the Road Crew Union contract having a tentative agreement with the Township.  I just want to point out, once again the retroactive pay raise, instead of the pay raise starting the day the contract is signed.  Nice for them.  This isn't the most important part. The retro-activity of this contract means that the township (you, the taxpayer) will shoulder the burden of that pay which will include any and all overtime, of which there was plenty!

So why all the overtime?   Well, it is well known that in the summer, some of the road crew goes out after the first 8 hours (well, seven and a half since we pay them for lunch) and mows the road shoulders, just in time for rush hour traffic on OVERTIME (time and a half).   I can see overtime for emergencies like snowplowing or summer thunderstorm damage, but for road mowing?   Who is watching the the township (your) money?   So, for the last year and a half, we will be paying the increase on all of that overtime, in addition to the 40 hour (actually an actual 37 1/2 hour) work week. How much with that cost you? It's hard to say, but I would guess another $10-15,000 in total payment to the 7 union employees. I must stress that this amount is just speculation, calculated on an average of the hourly rates. I hope that was included in the budget!  

How is your paycheck doing these days?    Just thinking out loud.

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