27 June 2011


In one of my last e-mails, I showed how the contractor that does the township road maintenance is due to have an Execution Sale (otherwise known as a Sheriff Sale by many). In this sale is the very equipment that he is required to possess in order to fulfill the current for bid road maintenance. Perhaps DL Fleck is not bidding, but I doubt it since the bid requirements are custom fit to DL Flecks equipment.

I thought I should look into why this Execution sale is happening and I was amazed by the findings. This will go back to much earlier e-mails I have sent in which a spoke of a missing trackhoe owned by JD Equipment. It was rented to DL Fleck and evidently was not paid for.

The trackhoe was seen in the front yard of Karl Brachwitz, former Township Supervisor and current Zoning Hearing Board  member. It appeared he was using it for work on his house...without a permit (again, covered in an earlier e-mail). Here is the picture of the trackhoe on his property.

The owner of the company, Richard Landes, came to a township meeting to explain that he believed that had located the missing equipment at 1268 Hollow Rd and wanted to be escorted to the property to confirm the equipment was indeed his.  (http://www.westvincenttwp.org/, August 2, 2010 minutes, "Business from the Floor").

He was told to speak to the Police Chief and left the room with the Chief and interestingly enough, Karl Brachwitz. The trackhoe was no longer on Karl's property by the time the police checked it out.

Several days later, the Trackhoe appeared at JD Equipment, dropped off. A check for partial payment of $3,000 was sent dated 8/12/2010 and bounced. JD Equipment then sued Fleck several months later in the District Court 38-2-02 on 12/29/2010 for the bounced check and the decision was in favor of JD Equipment on 2/7/2011. Since the judgement was not satisfied, some of Fleck's equipment became part of an Execution Sale.

It would be unbelievable to think that the township would waive the "required" performance bond THIS time....but we will see.

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