26 June 2011


In case you missed it last time I wrote to you, here, below, is the required equipment needed to bid for the town road maintenance contract.  Is it coincidence that it specifies the exact equipment that DL Fleck has available?  For example it specifies that the "4x4 Ext. Hoe" must be a John Deere.  Why a John Deere?  Why does the roller have to be an Ingersoll Rand? There are plenty of other manufacturers that make this equipment, but owning that equipment would not meet the exact bid specifications.  Looks to me like bid rigging. But that's just my opinion.


But now let's look at the advertisement for the contract.   Attached is a copy of the ad and below is an extract.


Not only is it doubtful that any other company will have exactly that same equipment as DL Fleck but the the ad. states, "Interested parties should submit bids no later than 4:00 P.M. on June 27, 2011. Bids will be opened and read at the Board of Supervisors meeting on June 6, 2011 at 7:30 P.M."   
June 6th?  The ad was posted on 10th June.

Is any legitimate contractor is going to bid on a job when the open and read date is in the past?    Of course, you will hear that anyone can make a typo, even though that typo was never corrected.

So, don't be surprised when the only bid made comes from DL Fleck with a "mistake" (wink, wink) like that in the advertisement.  With only one bid there is no competition, no possibility of a (much) lower bid.

I think it is well known that the state of the roads in West Vincent could be bettered.  I just had somebody say driving into West Vincent is like driving into East Germany!  I obviously don't know what the bid will be, but I would suspect it will end up to be around $400,000.  That's approaching $100 for each man woman and child in West Vincent.  For that sort of money we should be driving as in paradise not East Germany. 

As it's relevant I received the following email with subject line "Re: Shoddy roadwork performed and paid for by W.V. Taxpayers...again and again!"

"It was less than 1 year since the substandard roadwork along Hollow Road into Birchrunville was completed. Not leveled properly/patchwork/etc and now 3 years later needs a complete repaving. Exactly what are we the taxpayers getting in return? Nothing and will pay for a new repaving that should have lasted 10 years. What is the township road master's role in this? Obviously W.Vincent does not care to ensure that quality roadwork is performed the 1st time and then properly maintained thereafter as per PA road construction requirements/we the tax payers in very hard times are the victims of all this- and forced again to pay for it."

Whilst mentioning emails I have received short mail from Ed Elliott following my earlier newsletter.  

"We need to be unionized in West Vincent?  Outrageously absurd.  Disgusting!"

When I asked him if I could use his name he told me "Did you think I was chicken, too?  No way."  Thanks Ed.  We could do with more like you in WV.  I'm not joining you yet though.

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