24 June 2011


It's been a while, I've been busy on other things, but here is something you might be interested in.

West Vincent Township is currently advertising bids for performing road maintenance for the year. Every year, the bids are awarded to DL Fleck. Why? Because the bids are written in such a way that DL Fleck has a distinct advantage. For example, the bid is written listing EXACTLY what equipment is required (Page 3 on the following link), which happens to be exactly the equipment that DL Fleck uses. The only way the requirements could become more specific is if the township listed what serial numbers they required the equipment to have.  It makes it impossible for anyone else to offer a possibly more competitive bid.

Here is the link to the current bid on the West Vincent Township Website:
or you can go the good old fashioned way by going to the township website, click on "Bids" and then click on the link that says "2011 Labor and Equipment Bid".

Next Monday, June 27 2011, the Supervisors will be opening the bids (or more likely only one bid, since other contractors do not have the same equipment or equipment of the exact same specifications). One of requirements that is in the bond is for specific equipment. Presuming the bid will be from Mr Fleck how is he going to supply the equipment he is REQUIRED to have in order to bid if some of it is up for Execution Sale the very same day? (See attached photo of the Execution Sale document that is posted in the Phoenixville District Court on the public bulletin board.)  Also, I wonder how is he going to supply a bond if he has the court forcing a sale due to some type of default?  The Township needs a bond so that it (the citizens) are protected from faulty workmanship? However, in previous years the township has waived the BOND REQUIREMENT for Mr Fleck, which is clearly against the Second Class Township regulations. If any of the work goes bad, guess who gets to pay for it - again.  I'll tell you.  It's you, the citizens.

I will have much more about this in upcoming e-mails. This is your tax money being spent.

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