28 May 2011


Further to my previous email about 'Growing Greener' I give below page 4 of the BOS_Minutes_4-25-11 showing the original statement that there will be no cost to the township.   The original document can be found at http://www.westvincenttwp.org/ Meetings then minutes, April 25th 2011.  The highlights below are mine.

There is of course no
Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Tax.

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West Vincent Infos

BOS Meeting 4/25/11
    Approved 5/23/11
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Day Processes. Quinn seconded the motion. There was no public comment and the motion carried unanimously.

Resolution 15-2011 was presented to the Board. This suppots renewing Growing Greener which is a state program which provides funds for preserving Open Space, Trail Easements, cleaning up abandoned mines and developing community park and recreation areas. There is currently an effort to stop funding to this program at the state level. Some of these funds were used by West Vincent Township to purchase trail easements and preservation of the Weney property on Bertolet School Road. Tom Helwig, 2034 Pottstown Pike Tax Parcel 25-3-2 asked if there will be a cost to the Township. He was informed that there is no cost to the Township and that the income to support this will be coming from the Marcus Shale Tax. Perkins made the motion that the Board adopt Resolution 15-2011: NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that West Vincent Township supports renewal of Growing Greener by the General Assembly and Governor Corbett with dedicated, sustainable and long-term funding sources and the signed resolution shall be forwarded to the Governor and our respective county and state legislators. Quinn seconded the motion. There was no public comment and the motion carried unanimously.

Meeting adjourned 8:05 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tammy Swavely
Township Secretary