24 May 2005


I received the following email

Hi ChickenMan
You have a large mailing list for the community.  Please send this.  
Thanks   Greg Hudome

Well, OK,
this is something that is out of the ordinary from my normal postings but I feel it is something that the community should know about.   But, please, no garage sale notices!

Best wishes

West Vincent your neighbor: Jim McLintoch is a Hero. 
Saturday in the early afternoon, Harry Emery bangs on my door.  Opening the door Harry is covered in blood.  He had just freed himself from some hydraulics that had pinned his arm.  A portion of his forearm was gone.  I am a veteran and also volunteered as an EMT on the submarine, with experience in life threatening accidents.   He says “take me to the hospital”.  I say “Ok, but I have to find my keys, Stay There”.  By the time I find my keys and phone, Harry had walked back across the street.  I yelled to come back, but he wasn’t listening.  I finally get Harry to come back, but I kept saying “We have to stop the bleeding, get to the van”.  I flag Jim down on the road as I yelled at Harry to get to the van.  Jim pulls in the side street.  I loose sight of Harry, because I look for something to bandage, as I go to my van door and I think I better help Harry into my van.  As I get around the van, Jim is already helping and Harry started listening to Jim for some reason.  We get a light tourniquet on Harry because Jim had already pulled out a bandana and was tightening.  I’m also calling 911 as Jim tells Harry to get in his truck and Harry does it to my surprise.  Jim gets going and I tried to follow, I called the family and 911 again and redirect them to the Phoenixville Hospital.  Harry was flown to Jefferson Trauma Center.
I am Harry friend, but Jim knew Harry’s name from church, but was a relative stranger.  He could have just driven away, but instead he took this severely bleeding man in his own truck to the Emergency.  Harry could have died in Jim’s truck, because we had no idea how long Harry was pinned.  I made a mistake and I should have jumped in Jim’s truck also and dealt with the arm.  Thank you Jim, you saved my friend.
Your Friend,
Neighbors - I would appreciate, if you see Jim, shake his hand and say, “Jim, you’re a Good Man (Hero)”.
Current – Harry will not loose his arm!