18 May 2011

On 5/18/2011 12:44,Larry Westfall wrote:
Well, C-man, what do you have to say now?
Do you know how to say "Loser!".
There is a tsunami in West Vincent that  will continue to roll you up and batter and fry you!
You think you are soooooooooooooo smart......keep coming at us!
We will pound your weasel face in the ground!!!!!!
Talk about getting your ass called out of the the henhouse...we just did!!!!
And we are already making plans for November!..  Again, we will stuff your feathers right up your ----!!!!
You think Pam Brown got you tonight...that was just the beginning!!!!
Roll your stupid balloons up and try somwhere else because you ain't going to land in West Vincent!!!!!
And tell "Erwin", "Montgomery is coming"!!!
You know who I am  and I know who you are!

Well Larry thank you for your positive comments.  I don't believe we have ever met.

We're down.  But we're not out.  There's always a next time.  The largest voting block was the block that did not vote.  I was sorry to see that.

I'll keep on exposing corruption.  Sadly, with these results there's bound to be more........

And you certainly don't know who I am because if you did you would know that there is no possibility that I would want to land a balloon in West Vincent.

Best wishes