17 May 2011


This is it, Ladies and Gentlemen. There are only a few hours until the polls close at 8 pm. If you have not already done so please get out and support Richard Malasics and Maria Holderness (or Jeff Hester) for Supervisor. It is very simple. Roll back your newly instituted tax, streamline the administration, broadcast the Township meetings on cable TV.....or NOT.

Maria and Richard - or Jeff - will work to do those things for you. They have been on point the entire campaign. Please give them your support so that you have a voice in the community. I know the weather is bad but it is a small sacrifice to make your township a better place. Even if you don't care about it being a better place, they will roll back your taxes.

The attendance seems to be light and that means that not enough people understand or care about what is going on. Don't be one of them. Get your voice out there!  Many people are still at work and coming in after 6 pm but do not delay. Low attendance goes in the favor of the current administration because of the old die-hards. These are the ones that will control your higher taxes.

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Best wishes

West Vincent Infos