17 May 2011



The Brown-Trolier campaign today sent out a letter under the head "Good Government for West Vincent"   If only that heading was true!   The letter is also on their website.  http://goodgovernmentforwestvincent.com/untitled.html.  To make sense of my following remarks you really need to check that URL.  (Sorry - the website was closed down after David Brown was caught contradicting his campaign statements on issues AFTER he was Supervisor.)

They are continuing to do what they said they wouldn't do. In the Daily Local News, David Brown stated that they would run a clean
campaign.  http://www.dailylocal.com/articles/2011/05/05/news/election/srv0000011635566.txt

These are the issues I have with their mailing.

Issue #1
To address the alleged bill from the Township owed by Maria Holderness, I immediately e-mailed her to get clarification. Her response is as follows:

“I need to get the message out on how this township runs.  I was issued a bill from the township for over $10,000  in Jan 2010 and came to a Board of Supervisors meeting on January 11, 2010 to ask about it, as I should not have been charged.  The Board pushed the discussion into executive session, which seemed odd at the time, and when I showed Zoe Perkins the email that she had sent me regarding the ZHB fees, the matter seemed to be closed.

This is the problem with the current administration.  They say one thing and do another.  Zoe tells me I am paid in full and then someone in the Township building tells my opponents another story.  How could Zoe Perkins, chairman of Good Government for West Vincent, allow this to be sent out, she knows it is not true!”

Here is a copy of the email from Zoe Perkins

From: zoeperk@comcast.net
Date: November 20, 2008 3:08:06 PM EST
To: maria Holderness <MARIA@IMPACTDIGITAL.NET>
Cc: barrydilibero@yahoo.com
Subject: ZHB Fees

Maria, here is our treasurer's accounting of expenses to date for Holderness/Davis hearings.  I know you do not agree with a lot of this, but the basic agreement I have with Barry and Ken is that, yes, we have reduced it to 500/application, but at that level, each successive hearing is also at the applicant's expense.  On the other hand, under the 'old' system you have paid 2000 for your application.  You will not be billed more than the 2K and, since your costs to date exceed the fee paid, you are actually ahead of the curve on this.  Let me know what you think, although I think I already know.  Zoe  

"Court Reporter:  1,509.50
ZHB Fees:         1,500.00 [$300 each for 5 hearings]
Advertisements: 0,616.42
Notices:            0,031.25
Total:                $3,657.17

This does not include Pat O‚Donnell's time, staff time, engineering time, other counsel‚s time, and costs not yet billed to the Township."

There is a copy of the decision pertaining to this bill is on vote4maria.com. She did not lose the case at the ZHB level as the Brown-Trolier group is alleging. Evidence, once again. Brown-Trolier have nothing to back up the claim. Notice that Maria, (and me!) once again supplies the documentation.  (Hi Maria - I understand from Clare Quinn's site that you are one of my supporters.  Thanks for that.  Since we have never met, maybe we should meet up some day to say Hi?)

Issue #2
My e-mails. They claim I am Cyberbullying!  If giving you the facts is cyberbullying then I must plead guilty. Guilty as h***.  Sorry about that.  Maybe I should lie?

Issue #3
I have searched Chester County infonet, just as I have for Ken Miller, Brown and Trolier. I have not found Holderness or Malasics listed. That means the only way that information is available is through Berkheimer and the township administration. If the late payments are true, which I have not been able to find out, the information comes from the township only, giving out private residents confidential information.

Issue #4
According to Richard Malasics, there was an issue with the West Vincent police and the DA investigated it, asking if he would like to press charges. He declined as it would look bad on a young officer's record. His concern was for that of others, not himself.

They claim that Holderness and Malasics “slyly divide 2009 taxes by 2000 population”.

Maria is very clear on her website (the link is on her site) that this is a Commonwealth of PA report. That means that the Governor at the time, Ed Rendell “slyly” constructed those numbers did so all the way back to 2006, holding us in the #1 highest taxed spot for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.

I am afraid of the people currently in power. I have seen what they do to others. That is why I am anonymous.  There are almost 500 people on my mailing list.  (Far more, by the way Clare, than there are on the town mailing list which you say I improperly use!)  Most of these 500 people are my 'supporters'.  I would have untold fame if I was known!  Haha!

Remember, you vote for government you deserve. Do you deserve lies?  To see real lies you should see Clare Quinn's cluckback page, full of unsubstantiated denials of my substantiated facts.

By the way see www.cluckbacktv.com If you haven't gone there yet, you should.

As usual, if you want to be on or off my list, or have some comments or suggestions, or know someone who would like to be on the list, please let me know.  Feel free to forward this email on to anyone you think might be interested.   Especially though, if you don't want to continue to receive my mails, please tell me. I'll take you off the list and confirm that I have done so.   Just hit reply to this email or write to chestercountynews@gmail.com

Best wishes


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