16 May 2011


I should have been resting.  Since my newsletter about donations I received several comments as follows:

You may want to point out to your readers how the current board of supervisors uses community day as a thinly veiled campaign event.  I was there all day and Kit Trollier MC'd the event by non-stop yacking into the microphone throughout the entire day.  She must have introduced herself by name a hundred times during the day and greeted everyone ad nauseam on behalf of the board of supervisors.  As if you couldn't tell people where the arts and craft tent is or the relay races without first saying "hi, my name is Kit Trollier!"
Keep up the incredible work you are doing.  You people are fearless and we appreciate it!  That last message with the info on contributions to Clare Quinn's campaign from Siana, Bellwoar & McAndrew is nothing less than jaw dropping.
It is interesting to consider the campaign strategy Brown/Trolier are pursuing.  They are purportedly seeking to displace two members of the Board, yet they have done nothing but defend the Board's actions and policies.  For example, shouldn't their response to information that there are problems with the purchase of development rights be, that as Supervisors, they will fully investigate the facts and seek to remedy any past failings of the Board.  Instead, they spend inordinate amounts of time and money trying to show how great the Board has been.  In effect, they are defeating their own position in the general election.  When facing Quinn in the general election, how can they say that they will do a better job than her?  They have already argued vehemently that she has done a great job.

Note from Chickenman:  I agree.  I suspect that Trolier might be standing simply to split the Republican vote and give Quinn a better chance of being elected.
You are a gift!
Why is Quinn putting in her posters "reelect"? She was never elected in the first place - she was appointed after DiLibero was canned. Seems like she is unable to shoot straight....cluck, cluck,poor gal!
Hi once again to you too!!
I came to the same conclusion as you. The amount of explaining should be an embarrassment to them.
I believe there is a saying in the political world that "when your explaining your losing"
Keep it coming
Note from Chickenman.  People have different opinions.  Here's one;

Seems to me that people interested in truth, whatever that may be, don’t get hung up on anonymity, but do get hung up on statements w/o attribution or authority.  Yours never fit that category, I might add, and that is why I am a fan.
and here's another opinion
take me off of your email list.  You are disruptive to the twp mtgs and as long as you remain annonymous (cowardly) you should not be influencing the democratic process
Note from Chickenman. I received the following after my mention of CluckbackTV.
I love CluckbackTV.  Great spots.  Same with the WVGOP.com site; very informative, and features all Republican positions that registered R’s need to know about.  Is there a website for WV 1 GOP?  If not, why not?  Also, why did the two WV GOP committee precincts not get together to endorse candidates as they are supposed to do?  Is it because Brown is a committeeman and could not “endorse” himself in such a meeting and, rather than have an endorsement meeting wherein he was not endorsed or recommended, he thwarted having one entirely? Might be grist for another CM email.

RE: Brown/Trolier site you listed, I read their spot about not being highly taxed, and it did not make sense to me.  They act as if the only ingredient in township taxes is the assessed value portion of the tax bill.  There is another ingredient that levels all townships, regardless of valuation of their residences: the milage rate.  If the former is high, then the latter can be lower, unless your township spending is out of control, as WV’s apparently is.  Also, if the population of WV is increasing like they say it is, then the Earned Income Tax (EIT) is more because there are more people and the township budget could be lowered even more. With higher home values and more people, WV’ budget should be sitting pretty.  Why isn’t it?
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