15 May 2011

Well, so much for the "Day of Rest"!

I review the troves of documents I have found, I came across an interesting article about Clare Quinn. Now I know why she is fighting so hard on the Pam Brown issue.

It seems in a article from The Phoenix, she is quoted as saying:

"Though they are rare, violations of easements have happened. In a 1993 ruling that set a precedent for land trusts nationwide, Pennsylvania courts ruled in favor of the FPCCT in the case of French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust v. Natale, finding the Natale family to be in violation of the easement on their land. As a result, the house that caused the violation was torn down, demonstrating the power of land trusts to preserve and protect the integrity of local landmarks and open space."

Now it all makes sense. What an embarrassment it is for French and Pickering to tear down a persons house for violating easements and then one of their own does the same thing. Clare certainly must defend Pam's oversized house that shouldn't be there to the end, because the case law has been set and the end result isn't pretty.

In reviewing all of the other Conservation easements, there are some that specify retaining a Development right for an accessory dwelling and additionally, the original homestead is deducted as a TDR, since it has already been developed. The way the township administration is running the TDR program, it is starting to look like landowner welfare, by paying for more and getting less, all on the backs of the taxpayer.

I did notice that in Richard Malasics site, in the archives posted from 2 years ago, there is a section that he pointed to abuses of the Transferrable Development Rights program. http://vote4rich.com/letter2.html Look under the heading "Open Space". He was ringing the bell two years ago.

That's enough for now. I am still going to try to rest.

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