15 May 2011


It's Sunday so I'm planning a day of rest.  But I heard about a couple of sites you might like to look at while I am resting.
http://cluckbackTV.com/  (sorry - site since closed)


I note from Kit Trolier's and David Brown's web site http://hstrial-kittrolier.homestead.com/ 
(sorry - site since closed) they say "highest per Capita tax  - Nonsense".  And to support this claim they point out that the population of West Vincent has increased since the last census in 2000.   But so has the population of almost all the other townships in Chester County!  However, applying the 44% population increase to West Vincent and assuming the worst case scenario that none of the other townships in the County increased population,  West Vincent would still have been the 5th highest taxed township.   But Trolier and Brown don't agree that West Vincent is highly taxed and suggest that the amount is high simply because real estate values in West Vincent are high and tax is levied on these values.   I guess that means that if our houses are worth more, we must be richer, so we can afford to pay more.

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