11 May 2011


I received another mail following my mail quoting 2 candidates with opinions on high tax rates, in this case the sender did not want me to include his name, presumably from fear of the township.

"What I learned is how Trolier will react if I come to a township meeting and express a view that she considers to be poorly thought out or poorly communicated.  Anyone who has ever attended a WVT Board of Supervisors meeting knows that it can be daunting to express an opinion not shared by the BOS and Wendelgass.

It's a famous ploy of Clare Quinn - insult them so they wont express an opinion and wont come back.  Its why I stopped going, and why I as a life long Democrat I would not vote for Quinn in a million years.  I'd write in a republican before I voted Quinn - which is a tough thing for me to say.

Not that I think I am quote worthy, but if you do don't use my name or email address as it is my name."

...........End of quote.

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